Dealer’s Life 1.18 update: Storage Auctions!

A big hello to every Great Dealer out there!

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We are proud to announce a new wonderful update for Dealer’s Life, reaching version 1.18 with a lot of new features for you to enjoy!

Here are the release notes:

V. 1.18

  • Storage auctions are here! Test your skills by facing this new challenge!
  • All auctions are now more frantic and challenging
  • New and improved sound effects
  • Text improvements and fixes
  • Bug fixes

Let’s start right away and talk about the biggest feature we’re introducing with this update: storage auctions!

These were planned since the beginning and were strongly requested by our Community, they are a whole new way of doing auctions in the game: they’re more risky, more expensive and much harder than standard auctions! When joining a storage auction you can look at a storage room where some items will be highlighted. You get a brief description of every item but you don’t know their estimated value, although you have some visual hints about their rarity and their condition.


You have to buy the whole lot in a single purchase, winning a single auction. We’re talking about 3 or 4 quite valuable items in every storage auction so prepare yourself because the needed budget here will be much bigger. In addition even after you buy the items you won’t know their estimated value unless, as usual, you give them to an Expert to be analyzed.
You could discover that some items you bought are worth less than what you paid but you could also discover that among those overpaid items there is that one single item that is really valuable and you ended up paying it really less than its value! Also, these items could be in bad condition so, as usual, you can repair them or even transform them into counterfeits to increase their value!
It’s all up to you, your skill and resources, it will cost you some money and days of work for your employees but in the end it could also bring you really big gains!


You could end up paying a real lot without actually knowing if it was worth it or not, so be sure to sharpen your skill before deciding to invest a huge amount of cash in a storage auction! For this reason, storage auctions are available once every week but only starting from the Apprentice Fame Level.

We wanted to include something harder and riskier to give a good challenge especially during mid and late game and we know that you’ll really like this new cool kind of auctions.

We also improved all auctions (even the standard ones) by reducing their countdown and rebalancing a few parameters. So now all auctions are more frantic and challenging, you can’t get distracted even for a moment since it’s easier to lose by merely not paying enough attention.

Since we increased the number of different auction types, we wanted to add some visual distinction between them so we introduced dedicated graphics on their newspaper articles. You’ll have a gavel with some money for auctions where you can sell items: AuctionSellIcon

A gavel with boxes for auctions in which you can buy items: AuctionBuyIcon

And finally a gavel with a storage room for storage auctions! AuctionStorageIcon

There are so many improvements on auctions that we decided to put some more love in the sound compartment too: we changed some sound effects during auctions and we already included a brand new dedicated sound effect for storage auctions! In addition to this, we added a new sound when locking an item in your inventory.
These improvements on sound effects are just the beginning, we’re planning to put more and better sound effects quite everywhere in the game in the following updates!

Last but not least, we never stop improving our localizations so with this version you’ll see some text fixes. We also added more variety for customer speeches, especially when negotiating and when a deal ends.

That’s all for this update, we really hope you’ll like all the improvements and all the work we put in it! As usual, we look forward for your feedback so feel free to comment here or on our Public Roadmap!
More updates will soon come (anyone said more items? :D ) so stay tuned and keep up the good deals!

Your friendly indie devs,
Abyte Entertainment

 Abyte us two

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