Dealer’s Life 1.21 Update: Movies and Games!

Hello to every Great Dealer out there!

After a short period of Beta testing, we released a new great update for Dealer’s Life: the gorgeous Movies and Games Update!

Here are the release notes:

V. 1.21

  • New Item Pack #11 - Movies and Games! Look for 25 brand new items, from action figures to video games, from posters to iconic video game items!
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

As we already anticipated in our last update, today we continue our journey into the geek world by releasing the new and awesome Item Pack #11! Are you ready for 25 fantastic new items related to video games, movies, anime and tv series?

Why is Mega Dario pointing at Grogzilla? The Astrosoldier will surely protect him!

Get them all and find out if you can get every reference! You could discover hidden gems you didn’t even know! 

While producing more and more content for the game we’re always in the hunt of bugs to fix and performances to improve, so in this release you’ll also find some sweet changes and fixes to localizations and various improvements in graphics management. You’re welcome!

And that’s all for today’s update, be ready for the next Item Pack with another huge journey in the land of the Geeks!

What do you say? In our last announcement we talked about something really big going to happen in the near future and you still don’t know what it is? Well, at this time we still can’t say much about it but we can say that things are already moving behind the scenes and something huge is coming… :dlgift: That’s a secret, though, so keep it for yourself! ;)

Have a great time playing and don’t forget to review and share Dealer’s Life if you like it, it really helps a lot!
Stay tuned and keep up the good deals, great Dealers!

Your friendly indie devs,
Abyte Entertainment

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Version 1.21_W18 Nov 07, 2019
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Version 1.21_A135 Nov 07, 2019

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